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Welcome to Southampton and Winchester's most successful business networking group

Want to meet local business owners?

Poddi is a group of enthusiastic, like-minded business owners who meet every Friday in Haskins West End to share referrals, contacts, business opportunities and have some fun in the process. The result? Every member and guest is able to grow their business in a supportive and relaxed environment.

Want to build your business?

Poddi business networking has passed more than £1.6 million worth of business between members.  Yes, Poddi is a fun and vibrant place to connect with other passionate business owners.  But ultimately it succeeds because it is the most effective way to gain new contacts and customers.

Want to acheive your business aims?

If you would like to discuss your professional challenges with fellow business owners, get advice from industry experts or receive education to create the business you dream of, Poddi members will be happy to help.  We love to welcome guests so please get in touch if you would like to attend.

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How do our members benefit?

James West, Perfect Motion Media

James West, Perfect Motion Media

“Yes, Poddi has helped me find new clients and grow my business  But just as importantly, it has given me invaluable advice and support from fellow business owners that have proven to be priceless.”

Roger Lamb, ActionCOACH

“With the best people, the best breakfast, and the best referrals, Poddi really is the best start to a Friday morning. I’ve made some great friends and in terms of business, I’ve had a return on my outlay of 2021%.”

Kate Bickford, Forever Living

Kate Bickford, Forever Living

“I’ve been involved with Poddi since its inception and it is consistently fun, irreverent, supportive, friendly and is a great way to end the working week. The business we pass is a testament to its success.”

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